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ECSC organises various sessions to bring together service providers and/or community members to discuss matters of common interest, to share information and/or seek collaboration.

We have been involved in running various conferences over the years on topical issues and or collaborating with other organisations in various events.  We recognise that positive change for disadvantaged CALD communities and other marginalised individuals and communities is more likely to happen through collaboration across the sector.

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What participants say about our training

“Great workshop. We can’t wait to go away and implement what we learnt about inclusive practice."
“It’s inspired me to learn more about the diversity in my service and the local community.”
“It really boosted my confidence for working with CALD and refugee families.”
“Thanks for a great workshop. It gave us some excellent ideas about how we can celebrate diversity in our service without being tokenistic.”
“It helped me understand the importance of exploring the cultures and languages relevant to the children in my service.”
“I’m going to start making more of an effort to incorporate cultural competence into my staff meetings.”
“I really enjoyed deconstructing the concepts of culture and identity.”