Ethnic Community Services Co-operative

The Ethnic Community Services Co-operative (ECSC) is a community-based, not for profit organisation and receives funding from various departments of Commonwealth and State governments.

The ECSC provides a range of services to achieve its overall goal in making all services accessible and equitable to all Australians including, people with disabilities/their carers, children, families and frail aged people from CALD backgrounds. The diverse focus of its area of work continues to grow through social support, community development, training, information, resources, advocacy and referral.

The philosophy underpinning the ECSC is social justice, with a particular emphasis on Multiculturalism and Access and Equity in children’s, aged and disability services.

Our Programs

Through its various projects, ECSC provides support, assistance, resources, advice and training on cultural competence to service providers to enable them to make their services accessible and relevant to Australians from CALD backgrounds and include their needs in their service delivery.

Bicultural Support ESMAP EPDP IWMAP

ECSC’s Inclusion Conference

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Diversity in Action Newsletter

Diversity in Action

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