Events & Activities

ECSC organises various events to bring together service providers and/or community members to discuss matters of common interest, to share information and/or seek collaboration.

These events include:

  • Conferences – e.g. ECSC Inclusion Conference, October 2015
  • Forums around specific issues/matters e.g. Bilingual Forums across Regional NSW
  • Communities of Practice e.g. Multicultural Disability Interagency
  • Some of our events include working with other organisations, as we recognise that positive change for disadvantaged CALD communities and other marginalised individuals and communities is more likely to happen through collaboration across the sector.

Idea Pathway Playgroup | Vietnamese Language Poster Link HERE

Current Events

Event Dates Location
Planned: Malaysian Playgroup TBA due to COVID Restrictions

Australian National Sports Club

Planned: Arabic Playgroup TBA due to COVID Restrictions

Kingsgrove Public School


Family Mentoring Sessions  


Upcoming  Events 2020 / 2021

Event Dates Location
FREE English Classes Thursdays 10am-12pm ECSC Marrickville
Disability Expo 6th & 7th of August 2021 Sydney Show Ground
GroovAbility Festival December 2020 Burwood
IFF – International Day of People with a Disability Film Festival  December 2020 Petersham Town Hall
ECSC 40th Anniversary Celebration TBC TBA
Proposed Mongolian Playgroup in Canterbury TBA TBA
Proposed Somali Playgroup in Punchbowl TBA TBA
Proposed Urdu Playgroup in Lakemba  TBA TBA
Proposed African Playgroup in Merrylands TBA TBA
Proposed Indian Playgroup in Lakemba TBA TBA
Proposed Mongolian Playgroup in Cantebury  TBA TBA

Past Events

Event Dates Location
Nepali Playgroup Tuesdays 07/05 – 11/06 Rockdale
Turkish Playgroup Mondays 6/05 – 10/06 Marrickville
Bengali Playgroup Wednesdays 08/05 – 12/06 Lakemba
Kurdish Kurmanji Playgroup Thursdays 01/08 -05/09 Blacktown
Farsi/Persian Playgroup Thursdays 12/09 – 01/11 Auburn
Rohingya Playgroup Wednesdays 11/09 – 30/10 Lakemba
Dari Playgroup Tuesdays 10/09 -29/10 Regents Park
Arabic Playgroup Thursdays 7/11 – 12/12 Auburn
Iraqi Arabic Playgroup  Tuesdays 25/02 – 14/04 (Suspended Due to Covid-19) Liverpool
Assyrian Playgroup  Mondays 24/02 – 13/03 (Suspended Due to Covid-19) Fairfield
Bosnian Playgroup Wednesdays 02/09 – 21/10  Liverpool (Outdoor Playground)
Iraqi Arabic  Tuesdays 01/09 – 22/09  Liverpool (Outdoor Playground)
Urdu (Pakistan) Thursdays  13/5/21- 17/6/21 Yagoona 
Hindi/Punjabi Wednesdays 19/5/21 – 23/6/21 Lakemba