Do you have a child from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD), refugee or Aboriginal background that needs help settling in to your preschool?

As part of the Sector Development Program, the Department of Education is providing the Bicultural Support Program to community preschools to assist the inclusion of children from CALD, refugee and Aboriginal backgrounds. All services will receive 20 hours FREE of Bicultural Support each.

How can we help you?

  • Settling-in of children into a new service or centre
  • Transition support for children at Early Childhood Services
  • Facilitating dialogue with parents and families who are bilingual/bicultural
  • Assist you in engaging communities in your area as well as at various events like orientation days
  • Training & Professional Development in Cultural Perspectives & Inclusive Practices, Importance of Bilingualism, Cultural Awareness & Competency and Multicultural Perspectives in Children’s Services
  • Development of Culturally Inclusive Resources
  • Translation of important documents for families
  • Much much more… we can also work in partnership with you to assist you with any of your queries about CALD, Aboriginal and Refugee Children and Families

Why you should you choose us to provide Bicultural Support?

  • Our Bicultural Support Program is the oldest and most recognised provider of Bicultural Support in NSW.
  • Our organisation, Ethnic Community Services Co-op, which founded the program is a registered not-for-profit charity.
  • Our workers are paid above Award rates as well as penalty rates, are fully insured, receive superannuation, travel allowance and training and professional development.
  • We advocate for the rights of CALD, Aboriginal and Refugee children and families at all levels of government,  and our recognsied knowledge and expertise has meant we have been invited to contribute to the development of government policies and legislation. 

How does Bicultural Support work?

Multicultural Children’s Services has an established pool of over 300 Bicultural Support Workers and Consultants who are all qualified and trained in Children Services, that represent over 110 different cultures and languages, including Indigenous languages. We are experts in the field with over 40 years’ experience.

A Bicultural Support Worker who speaks your language can work 1:1 with your child in the education and care service, as well as provide culturally-appropriate activities – such as music, storytelling, art and cooking – for ALL the children at that service, to support the inclusion of your child as well as their cultural and linguistic needs and promote inclusion to the centre, educators and children.

How can I encourage my child’s service to access Bicultural Support?

Early Childhood Services can request a Bicultural Support Worker to support your child at their Childcare Centre, Long Daycare, Before and After School Care or Community Preschool. Depending on the eligibility of your child’s service, funding for Bicultural Support Workers can be accessed through the Inclusion Support Programme or through a Fee-For-Service arrangement.

Talk to your service about the available options or encourage them to call Multicultural Children’s Services on (02) 9569 1288 or via email

What other preschools had to say about Bicultural Support:

“Activities based on culture helped child to feel settled and accepted and included.”

“The child is settled and now has no separation anxiety, he participated in all activities and is happy.”

“All children developed a sense of belonging and inclusion.”

“Child’s family-centre relationship was strengthened by our interest and support of their culture.”

“We learnt different methods to include and support different cultures and how to incorporate cultural awareness and diversity into our program.”

“Children gained a greater understanding and knowledge of our local indigenous culture and our Aboriginal children and families developed a sense of belonging and inclusion.”

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