ECSC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides multilingual/multicultural services and support to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people. We develop and deliver innovative programs for children, families, people with disability, the aged and carers.

For over 40 years we have, through community development, community engagement, research and partnerships with other like-minded organisations, collaborated with all levels of government and service providers both in NSW and across Australia to support our vision for every Australian.

We are a proud bilingual/bicultural workforce who speak over 108 languages (including some Indigenous languages) supporting our clients through direct services and providing care.

We acknowledge and value the strength our volunteers and clients bring to our work and to ECSC.

Our Work:

We develop and deliver innovative programs and provide targeted services across Sydney and NSW to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people from CALD backgrounds, including children and families, people with disabilities and their carers and older persons living at home and their carers.

Our work also focuses on building the capacity of mainstream service providers to facilitate culturally appropriate service delivery and promoting the rights of CALD people through systemic advocacy and input into local, state, national and international policy.

Our Values

We believe all Australians have the right to participate fully in Australian society and the right to access services to fulfil this need. This includes, but is not limited to, inclusive and culturally appropriate: Early Childhood Services, Services for People with a Disability and Aged Care Services.

Our Task

To make a difference in the lives of all Australians by listening, educating, advocating and providing services that support diversity and inclusion.

Our commitment to CALD communities is guided by international conventions and national legislative and policy frameworks. Our underpinning principles are:

  • CALD communities are afforded the same rights as other Australians
  • Centrality of culture and community when engaging CALD communities
  • Inclusion is incorporated into mainstream services
  • Universal consideration & inclusion of CALD communities in policy, program & evaluation frameworks
  • Recognising that CALD communities have a right to autonomy & self determination to make their own life choices.

We will continue to:

Advance access and equity to services and social inclusion for CALD people and communities through community development efforts, direct service provision, advocacy and collaboration.

Prioritise understanding our client’s needs, by valuing their right to have choice and control over the decisions that impact their lives and empower them to find their voice

Value the knowledge, skills and passion of our workers and volunteers and provide a workplace where people can be valued for their language, culture and can learn, innovate and grow.

Structure our organisation and culture so that it is responsive and has the agility to cater for the changing needs of our clients.