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Individuals and Families

We support people with a disability from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities to receive appropriate services to achieve their life goals.

Some children, teenagers and adults experience difficulties participating in their communities. They may find it difficult to interact and communicate with people because they:

  • experience challenges in learning new things
  • experience challenges of a physical nature
  •  … or it could be for many other reasons.

We call this disability.

Disability doesn’t have to stop anybody from leading a good life. If you or your loved one experience any of these difficulties, you are not alone. 

Everybody has a right to be included as part of their community. 

Your choices are important. People with a disability and their families are part of the community.

Would you like someone to…

  • discuss your interests and how you want to live?
  • understand the issues you and your family might be facing?
  • help you to understand your options and choices to lead a better life?
  • make it easier for you to understand Australian community services and
  • support systems that may be available for you (eg. the NDIS)?
  • build your confidence, knowledge and skills to connect to your community?
  • understand your culture and language?

We can…

  • meet directly with you and your family
  • meet you in a bigger group
  • meet with your community
  • come see you where it’s easiest for you

… to make it happen.

You do not need to deal with these difficulties alone – we can help. 

Contact us on (02) 9569 1288 or for more information please contact the Team Leader (Service Access and Support) via

Download our Multicultural (Dis)ability Services brochure for Individuals and Families

For more information please contact the Team Leader (Service Access and Support) on 02 9569 1288 or

Need an Interpreter?

Call the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450 and ask them to call us!

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