Multicultural Access Project Inner West (IWMAP)
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Multicultural Access Project Inner West (IWMAP)

The Inner West Multicultural Access Project (IWMAP) assists with building greater capacity within Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services to respond more effectively to the needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities. It is based in Marrickville and provides its services to the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Ashfield, Burwood, Canada Bay, Canterbury, Leichhardt, Marrickville and Strathfield.

Main objectives:

  1. Build the capacity of Commonwealth Home Support Programme providers to deliver entry-level community aged care services.
  2. Promote collaboration and partnerships that support the development of the community aged care services system in a way that meets the aims of the programme and broader aged care reforms.
  3. Support Commonwealth Home Support Programme stakeholders to have a greater focus on pathways and activities that promote independence and wellness. 
  4. Demonstrate leadership and provide advice on relevant sector management and service delivery issues.

What does Inner West Multicultural Access Project do:

  1. Provides advice, information and assistance to CHSP services (as appropriate) to strengthen their support structure to CALD communities through meetings, consultations, training, resources and/or develop  appropriate policies/procedures in order to achieve higher quality outcomes for CHSP service users.
  2. In collaboration with stakeholders, promotes the use of interpreting and translating services by CHSP services.
  3. Conducts consultation and research as appropriate, to identify/ascertain and document the needs of the local CALD CHSP target population and disseminate findings to service providers
  4. Establishes, maintains and/or participates in relevant networks and initiatives within and across relevant sectors for the interests of CHSP target populations.
  5. In collaboration with other relevant stakeholders, develops/contributes to partnership projects for the interest of the CALD CHSP target population.
  6. Participates in and contributes to the Multicultural Access Projects (MAP) Network meetings.
  7. Develops/ implements initiatives to build greater awareness of the CHSP Program and other aged care services among CALD CHSP target population groups (information, education and training sessions).
  8. Undertakes/supports/participates in the development and dissemination of resource materials for CALD communities in partnership with Service providers.
  9. Contributes to and/or participate in relevant CHSP and other aged care services related policy making and/or planning processes.


Contact our IWMAP team on (02) 9569 1288 or via email


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