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Multicultural Respite Services

What is the Multicultural Respite Service?

The Multicultural Respite Service (MRS) is a respite and social support service that caters to individuals with mild to severe disabilities. The MRS program is a mobile community access program that promotes social interaction and personal development by providing participants with the opportunity to engage in social and recreational activities within the local community under the supervision and care of our dedicated Respite Workers.

Our aims

  • The MRS program aims to provide respite to carers so that they may have a break from their caring responsibilities.
  • The MRS program also aims to provide a respite service that is beneficial to the individual participants by promoting social interaction and personal development through group social and recreational activities within the local community.
  • In addition, the MRS program aims to further enhance the quality of the service provided by ensuring that the service is sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of our participants.

The target group

Unlike many mainstream respite and social support services, the MRS program aims to cater for the needs of people from Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds by providing respite that is suitable to the specific cultural and linguistic needs of our participants and their primary carers/families.

What we provide?

MRS provides centre-based and flexible respite options to CALD families with children or adults in the Marrickville and Canterbury regions through:

  • Vacation Care program: outdoor and indoor activities for children aged 5-17 with intellectual and/or physical disability living in the Inner West.
  • Partners Program: social and community access for children and adults who live with a mild to Respite Workers

The Respite Workers (Disability Support Workers) are recruited to meet the needs of the individual participants and their families. For example, the majority of our carers are bi-lingual/bi-cultural and sensitivity and responsiveness to the individual cultural and linguistic needs of our clients is actively promoted within the organisation. Training/professional development is also provided to all Respite Workers on a regular basis. moderate intellectual and/or physical disability.

Contact our Multicultural Respite Services call us on 02 9569 1288 or via email

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To speak with staff members, please call MRS Co-ordinator/Project Officers.


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