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Multicultural Disability Services

ECSC has been working in the disability sector for over 36 years supporting and advocating for the needs of CALD people with disability. We were one of the first organisations in NSW to support and advocate for the needs of CALD people with disabilities. We continue to promote and facilitate access and inclusion for people with a disability from CALD backgrounds, by working with individuals and families, communities and mainstream services.

Individuals and Families

We support people with a disability from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) to receive appropriate services to achieve their life goals. We provide a range of services and supports for CALD people with disability, their families and carers including:

  • Connect people to relevant services.
  • Support people to access services and the coordination of supports.
  • Advocate for access to culturally and linguistically appropriate services.
  • Provide assistance to establish and/or run support groups.
  • Multicultural Carers Support Groups.
  • Bilingual workers and interpreters and translated  resources.
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For more information please contact the Team Leader (Service Access and Support) on 02 9569 1288 or

Service Providers

We build capacity of mainstream service providers to become culturally appropriate through staff coaching, training and policy development. We provide a range of services to disability service providers, the multicultural sector and community organisations including:

  • Consultation and advice on cultural appropriateness of service delivery.
  • Training and professional development on Cultural Competence.
  • Support to strengthen work with CALD communities and with complex cases.
  • Coaching and mentoring for staff on diversity competence.
  •  Multicultural Disability Agency
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For more information please contact the Disability Services Manager on 02 9569 1288 or


We work with partners in the multicultural and disability sectors to outreach and support CALD communities including:

  •  Help with preparing for the NDIS.
  • Consult with CALD communities on their needs and access issues.
  • Provide up-to-date, customised information for CALD communities.
  • Facilitate and coordinate language-specific community education sessions.
  • Capacity building of CALD communities.

For more information please contact the Team Leader (CALD Capacity Building Project) on 02 9569 1288 or

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To speak with staff members, please call EPDP or CALD Capacity Building Team Leaders and Project Officers.


02 9569 1288