Bicultural Support for Commonwealth Services
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Bicultural Support for Commonwealth Services

Do you need Bicultural Support?

How do you include your CALD, refugee and Aboriginal children and families at your Early Childhood and Child Care Service?

Are you looking for:

  • Innovative and flexible solutions to inclusion?
  • Building on your inclusion capacity and capability?
  • Help communicating with and engaging CALD families?
  • Support settling children from CALD, Aboriginal and Refugee backgrounds?
  • School readiness support for CALD children in their Transition to School?
  • Translation of basic documents into a variety of languages?
  • Strategies to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of children with disabilities, including bilingual support? (Sydney Metropolitan area only.)

Translated Bicultural Support Flyer

Download Bicultural Support flyer translated into 14 languages

The Bicultural Support Program can help you with all of this and more!

Do you need Bicultural Support flyerWith over 35 years’ experience in the industry, our state wide program consists of a 400-strong group of Bicultural Support Workers and Consultants, all qualified and trained in Children Services, that represent over 110 different cultures and languages, including Indigenous languages. We can provide a range of specialised bilingual/bicultural resources, support and services through Multicultural Children’s Services, a division of Ethnic Community Services Co-operative.

Bicultural Support Workers and Consultancy

Bicultural Support provides support, either on or off-site, from an experienced bilingual/bicultural educator supporting the inclusion of CALD, refugee or Aboriginal Children into your Service. We can also provide consulting services to assist your development of inclusive programming and practice.

Professional Development and Training

We offer a variety of 3 hour training workshops on specific areas that support cultural competency and can be designed especially for early childhood educators. These can be delivered on-site, at your service.

  • Saying NO to Racism
  • Let’s Talk About Race, Culture and Languages
  • Cultural Briefings on Specific Culture
  • Working Effectively with Refugee children and families
  • Building Collaborative Partnerships with Culturally Diverse Children and Families
  • Inclusive Practice: Developing and Implementing a Multicultural Policy
  • To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?

Inclusive Resources

Our resources include:

  • Survival Words for Children’s Services Booklet and CD
  • DVD: Growing Up Bilingual in Australia – An Investment
  • DVD: The Cultural Treasure Chest – Valuing Cultural Diversity in Children’s Services
  • Poster: Welcoming Bilingual/Bicultural Children and Families
  • NSW Multicultural Resources Guide
  • Keys to Inclusive Practice
  • Participation in Children’s Services as a Parent
You can apply for Bicultural Support through the Inclusion Development Funds Innovative Solutions Support (Inclusion Support Programme).

Bicultural Support Packages are tailored to suit the individual needs of your service.

Download Bicultural Support flyer

Contact us for more information or to speak to a Bicultural Support Consultant:

Ph: 02 9569 1288


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