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Multicultural Disability Services

ECSC has been working in the disability sector for over 30 years. We were one of the first organizations in NSW to support and advocate for the needs of CALD people with disabilities. We continue to promote and facilitate access and inclusion for people with a disability from CALD backgrounds, by working with individuals and families, communities and mainstream services.

Service Access & Support (Ethnic People with Disabilities Program)

Provides CALD individuals with a disability and their carers with information and support in accessing services. We also run carers support groups and undertake community development projects to empower CALD people with disability and their families with information and skills to access and negotiate quality services and supports.

CALD Capacity Building Project

Outreach and community education about the rights of people with disability and how to get ready for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We facilitate sessions across Sydney and NSW in collaboration with community partners and in a range of community languages.

For more information about the CALD Capacity Building Project, including resources, click here.

Linkers Practice Coaches

We provide advice, mentoring and engagement support to Ability Linkers that support CALD children aged 9-18 years with disability in their inclusion in the wider community.

For a link to our latest Ability Links Coaching Newsletter click here.

Multicultural Respite Service (MRS)

MRS provides a range of community access support and respite options to CALD families with children or adults in the Marrickville and Canterbury regions.

  • Multicultural Respite Options – 1:1 support for people with disabilities with high support needs.
  • Vacation Care program – outdoor and indoor activities for children aged 5-17 with intellectual and/or physical disabilities living in the Inner West.
  • Partners Program – social and community access for children and adults who live with a mild to moderate intellectual and/or physical disability

Click here to enquire about our Multicultural Respite Services.

Ethnic People with Disability Program (EPDP) is an Information and Advocacy service funded by the Department of Family and Community Services: Ageing, Disability and Home Care. The program provides services to people with disabilities and their carers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

The program aims to facilitate access to appropriate services for CALD people with disability their family and carers.

What services do we provide?

  • Advocate on behalf of CALD people with disability,  their families and carers to access culturally and linguistically appropriate services.
  • Assist CALD people to access Aged, Disability and Home And Community Care (HACC) services.
  • Conduct information sessions on health and community care.
  • Consult with CALD communities on their needs and access issues.
  • Work closely with mainstream Disability Service Providers to ensure the needs of CALD people are met in their service delivery.
  • Conduct training for disability service providers on Cultural Competence.
  • Provide assistance to establish and/or run Carer Support Groups on a regular basis.

Who can we assist?

  • People with Disability, their family and carers  from CALD Backgrounds
  • CALD Communities
  • Ethnic Community Groups
  • Service Providers

We are verified!

The Ethnic People with Disabilities Program has been verified against the NSW Disability Services Standards as providing a quality service which respects and upholds your rights, is committed to ensuring equal participation and inclusion and individual outcomes, and has a robust system for feedback and complaints. It also verifies that we ensure equitable access to our service and that our service is governed well. For more information about the NSW Disability Services Standards and the importance of Third Party Verification, visit


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Contact Us

To speak with staff members, please call EPDP or CALD Capacity Building Team Leaders and Project Officers.


02 9569 1288