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ECSC through its various programs and projects provides support, assistance, resources, advice and training on cultural competence to service providers to enable them to make their services accessible and relevant to Australians from CALD backgrounds and include their needs in their service delivery.

Our current range of programs and the various projects and activities within each program reflect what we believe to be a response to the current and future needs of the CALD communities:

Direct services are provided to individuals with disability and their families through Multicultural Disability Services, carers of people with disabilities through Multicultural Respite Services (MRS), older persons from CALD Backgrounds living in Inner West and Eastern Sydney through Multicultural Support Services for Older Persons and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) children in children’s services across NSW through Multicultural Children’s Services.

Within each program we provide:

  • Direct Service provision to CALD individuals and their families and/or carers
  • Capacity building of communities around current topics or issues of importance to a CALD community/ies
  • Supporting CALD individuals access to services and negotiate quality services, by providing them with information and/or other forms of support
  • Support of service providers or organisations in working with CALD individuals and families/carers, or CALD communities
  • Provision of training in various aspects of cultural competency and resources
  • Advocacy through various forums to ensure the needs of CALD and other disadvantaged communities are raised
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