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You are not alone! Multicultural Dementia Forums

Finding out that a loved one has dementia can be a very unsettling and scary experience, both for the person experiencing the illness as well as their carer. Add to this issues like language barriers or misinformation, and the prospect of navigating through the journey for treatment and care – safe to say the experience becomes extremely daunting for anyone.

You are not alone! Multicultural Services for Older Persons in partnership with other Inner West Service Providers in partnership with other Inner West service providers are presenting a series of Multicultural Dementia Forums which are free and open to the public to provide information, facts and support to people from a CALD background and their families and carers.

The forums will be held in September to coincide with national Dementia Awareness Month and will be provided in the following languages at the following dates, times and venues:


Date: 9 September 2016, 10am start

Venue: Herb Greedy Hall

Former Yugoslavian Communities (Speaker will be speaking Croatian):

Date: 12 September 2016, 10am start

Venue: Tom Foster Community Centre


Date: 22 September 2016, 10am start

Venue: Tom Foster Community Centre

To find out more contact our Multicultural Services for Older Persons team on (02) 9569 1288 or email us at

An Update on Bicultural Support

As you  are aware, from the 1st July 2016 the IPSP will be replaced with the new Inclusion Support Programme (ISP). While support for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) children and families will remain available under the new program, the way that it is funded and accessed will change.

Children’s Services will submit an application to the new Inclusion Development Fund Manager detailing their inclusion support needs and the amount of funding required. If this application is successful, the funding will be transferred directly to the service who can contract support from an appropriate provider.

Ethnic Community Services Co-operative (ECSC) will continue to provide Bicultural Support, through our pool of qualified and experienced Bicultural Support Workers and Consultants under the ISP.

Ethnic Community Services Co-operative has been delivering Bicultural Support in its various forms and iterations for over 35 years and we will continue to deliver this great service to ensure that children, families and services have access to high quality bicultural support services. We look forward to continuing to deliver Bicultural Support in the new era of inclusion as your preferred service provider.

Please be advised that, Bicultural Support Workers will continue to be allocated to Services up until 30th June 2016.   Please allow for final Bicultural Support applications to be received well in advance of this date in order to enable Bicultural Support to transit to the new Inclusion Support Programme.

Our aim is to make the transition process for your CALD children and families as smooth as possible and will endeavor to ensure that no CALD children and families miss out on Bicultural Support during the transition from IPSP to ISP.

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9569 1288.

Call to Release All Children in Detention – Media Release

Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, Community Child Care Co-operative NSW and Social Justice in Early Childhood call on the Australian Government to order the immediate release of all asylum seeking children in detention both on and offshore.

Read the Media Release here

Acknowledgement of Country

ECSC were so very proud to produce and screen this heartwarming Children’s Acknowledgement of Country by Summer Hill Children’s Centre at our October 2015 Inclusion Conference.

Such a beautiful, simple yet profound example of inclusive practice and teaching children to support and respect diversity from a young age. The children wrote the acknowledgement themselves – it came from them, not from the educators.

We hope our video inspires you to do the same.

A big thank you to the staff and children of Summer Hill Children’s Centre, especially their Director, Roberta – for making it all possible.

Acknowledgment of country from Hawanatu Bangura on Vimeo.

#KidsOut Campaign

We call for the immediate release of all children in detention.









ECSC’s feedback on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme Manual, Fees policy and Good Practice Guide

The Department of Social Services has released its draft versions of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme Manual, Fees policy and Good Practice Guide. Organisations were invited to provide feedback on these documents.

Click here to read ECSC’s feedback submission.

Meeting with the Australian Human Rights Commission

Towards the end of last year, we attended the release of “RightsEd”, a new series of resources designed by the Australian Human Rights Commission “to help students gain a critical understanding of human rights and responsibilities, and to develop the attitudes, behaviours and skills to apply human rights in everyday life.” These resources focus on the areas of race and disability and are directly linked to the national curriculum in subjects such as History, Geography and Health and Physical Education. We were thrilled by the new resources and got to thinking that perhaps we could create something similar for early childhood teachers and students.

Last Friday we took the first step towards doing just that when Meni and Ashley from the Bicultural Support team met with Megan Mitchell (the National Children’s Commissioner) and several of her colleagues at the Commission. Megan even tweeted about our meeting! You can see it here:

ECSC is very excited to collaborate with the Commission and looks forward to many more meetings with them.

Name change: Ethnic Community Services Co-operative

Ethnic Child Care, Family and Community Services Co-operative Ltd are delighted to announce that we are now Ethnic Community Services Co-operative (ECSC). We are still the same co-operative and the same team of dedicated staff with over 35 years of expertise working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and mainstream service providers.

The journey so far

The rebrand is a recognition of how we have grown from our original Child Care focus into a multi-service organisation operating a suite of 6 programs across the disability, aged care and children’s sectors as well as a Registered Training Organisation. The rebranding comes after many months of consultation with members, staff, and other stakeholders including agencies, community and clients. Over 100 people completed our online survey, and a further 45 participated in workshops run by the marketing agency. We found this to be an enriching process that gave us an opportunity to reflect on our strengths and values as an organisation. The core feedback received throughout this process was that we are viewed as a valuable resource to other agencies, that we have a strong grassroots approach with CALD communities, and that we are regarded as passionate advocates for the needs of CALD communities.

What we do

Our vision is that every Australian from a CALD background has the opportunity to participate fully in Australian society and receive services that are relevant and appropriate to their needs. Some of the many ways that ECSC continues to assist children, people with disability, the aged and disadvantaged groups from CALD backgrounds include:

  • working with and advocating for changes across all levels of government and organisations that should be responding appropriately to these needs;
  • community development and capacity building across ethnic communities so that they know their rights, have access to information and understand what they should expect from services;
  • linking individuals to services;
  • providing specific programs and services where needs are not being met by current services;
  • collaborating with our members and other organisations;
  • providing specialist advice, information, training and resources to services on cultural and  linguistic diversity and how to be culturally and linguistically responsive; and
  • valuing the knowledge, energy and passion of our workers and volunteers and providing a workplace where people can learn, innovate and grow.

We look forward to continuing to work with you into the future and we thank you all for your participation and generosity throughout the rebrand, we simply could not have done it without your support!

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