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NEW Training Courses for 2017

Do you work as a Disability Support Worker? Are you looking to develop your capacity in person-centered practice?

Do you support a person with disability? Are you a carer for someone with disability?

Are you looking to enter the Disability Support Sector? Do you wish to learn more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme?

Would you like your organisation to be more culturally responsive?

The Training & Professional Development team at ECSC has developed three NEW exciting training courses specifically designed with you in mind.

Commencing in 2017, the training courses will be facilitated by experienced consultant trainers and experts in the field of Disability with a focus on person-centered practice, awareness of CALD issues and strategies to improve on provision of care for CALD clients with disability, as well as their families.

Understanding Disability for Support Workers

This training program has been designed to provide a consistent understanding of the disability support service system. Issues to be explored include: the role of the support workers and what constitutes good practice and the desired outcomes for people with a disability, their families and carers.

Sutiable for support workers/carers currently working in, or wishing to enter, the Disability Sector and develop skills in person-centered practice.

One day course

(Topics include: Module 1 – DISABILITY AWARENESS, CONTEMPORARY THINKING AND MODELS – Overview of Australian and NSW disability Systems to date, Contemporary Social Model, Understanding Disability, Impacts of disability, Life stages and transitions, Dignity of risk and duty of care. Module 2 – WORKING IN PARTNERSHIPS – Person centred practice, Principles and values underpinning working with individuals, families and the communities, Effective communication, Building strong relationships and partnerships with individuals and families, Empowerment: Principles and Practice, Rights to freedom to make difference decisions and choices, Understanding family/carer wellbeing, Identify and manage conflict, Options when the support worker cannot assist)

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Disability & Cultural Diversity

This training program has been developed for staff from employed in services supporting people with disability. It focuses on providing person-centred and culturally responsive support to individuals and families from CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds). Issues to be explored include: ways of working that support the choice, control, and community inclusion of the person with a disability and works with them and their family and community in a way that respects their culture, language and religion.

Suitable for practitioners in the Disability Sector developing best practice when working with individuals and families from CALD backgrounds.

4 hour course (including refreshment break)

(Topics include: Diversity and Disability, Person Centered practice, Person Centred Practice Overview and Culturally Responsive Support, Working with a Person in the Context of their Family and Community, Providing Person Centred Culturally Responsive Support, Community Responses to Disability, A Focus on Inclusion, Responding to Different Expectations of Inclusion)

Building a Culturally Responsive Organisation

This training program for Managers and Team Leaders of Disability Services will focus on practical strategies for building the cultural responsiveness of the organisation/service and integrating responsiveness to individuals, families and communities from culturally, linguistically and religious backgrounds into all aspects of their organisation.

Suitable for Managers and Team Leaders of Direct Disability Services/ Business Development Managers.

One day course

(Topics include: Cultural Diversity in the Organisation,  Culturally Responsive Organisation, Cultural Diversity in the Community, Outreaching to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities, Collaboration for Cultural Responsivenes, Building a Culturally Responsive Organisation Action Plan)

Courses are available for individuals as part of our annual training calendar, or for organisations and services may want us to deliver the courses in house .

For more information, please contact the Training Co-ordinator at ECSC by phone, on (02) 9569 1288 or via email


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