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ECSC takes real climate action to offset emissions

At Ethnic Community Services Co-operative, we take to environmental responsibility seriously. This is why we’ve partnered with Greenfleet, an environment non-profit and Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets, to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.

“At Greenfleet, we are able to restore native ecosystems and tackle climate change thanks to the contributions of our amazing supporters, just like Ethnic Community Services Co-operative,” said Wayne Wescott, CEO of Greenfleet.

“Year after year, individuals and organisations help Greenfleet plant more native forests to offset their carbon emissions and it’s their continuous support which makes a tangible and positive difference to the environment,” added Mr Wescott.

On behalf of Ethnic Community Services, every year, 25 native trees* will be planted around Australia to restore and establish biodiverse forests and offset the organisation’s annual estimate of 06 tonnes of CO2-e.

As well as offsetting greenhouse gas, this action is helping to improve water quality, reduce soil degradation and provide essential habitat for native wildlife.

“By partnering with Greenfleet, we are confident that our climate action provides genuine and lasting environmental benefits,” said Sebastian Brehens, Coordinator of Multicultural Disability Services at ECSC who led the intiative at the organisation.

“We are proud of the impact we’re making. By offsetting our emissions with Greenfleet, not only do we take practical action against climate change, we also help to restore Australian landscapes by providing valuable habitat for native wildlife and transforming degraded land back to its natural state.”

You too can take real climate action, visit to get started.

* This number of trees is a reasonable estimate of the number of trees required to be initially planted to sequester the total quantity of carbon purchased and takes into account that not all trees initially planted will survive due to the natural survival rate of trees. Accordingly, trees that do not survive following initial plantation may not necessarily be replanted. Greenfleet’s commitment to recapture carbon on behalf of our supporters involves the management of native forests across all our planting sites. Greenfleet’s forest pool is forecast to meet its overall carbon commitments to supporters

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