Early Childhood Services

Did you know? Bicultural Support is a FREE service available to Early Childhood Education services across NSW.

Are you a Family Day Care, Occasional Child Care, Long Day Care or OOSHC? How do you include your CALD, refugee and Aboriginal children and families at your Early Childhood and Child Care Service? Need some Bicultural Support?

If you are a Commonwealth-funded Service, then you can access Bicultural Support through the Inclusion Support Program (ISP) Innovative Solutions Stream.

No idea where to start with all the recent changes? Follow our easy, step-by-step guide below or download the guide here.

  2. CONTACT THE NSW INCLUSION AGENCY – Toll Free: 1800 703 382 or email inclusionagency@includeme.com.au Visit www.idfm.org.au/innovative-solutions
  3. ARRANGE A MEETING WITH A KU INCLUSION PROFESSIONAL – They will arrange a meeting to support you to develop a Service Inclusion Plan (SIP) to identify the need for Bicultural Support.
  4. PREPARE YOUR APPLICATION – You are required to submit a small funding application and Business Plan for up to $3000 to the Funds Development Manager.
  5. CONTACT MULTICULTURAL CHILDREN’S SERVICES – to discuss your Business Plan and receive a quote to attach to your application and submit to the KU Funds Development Manager.

If your application is successful, you are notified in writing and the funds are deposited into your Service’s account. You can then contact Multicultural Children’s Services to organise the date and times of service. Invoices are sent to you once the Bicultural Support Worker has commenced.

Click here to download the Bicultural Support flyer

Click here to download the Bicultural Support flyer explained in 14 different languages