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Celebrating Diversity through Photography

Ethnic Community Services Co-operative in partnership with Inner West Council and Youth Off The Streets gave local young people an opportunity to tell tell their own stories and reflect on the theme of BELONGING + INCLUSION through photography.  

The Youth Showcase, as part of Open Inner West Festival June 16-18, was a resounding success, proving that  when it comes to diversity and inclusion, the kids are alright!

Hosted at the very cool Create or Die gallery in the heart of the Inner West, Marrickville, over 50 photographs by youth aged 9-18 years of age were showcased.

Opening night saw a full-house of proud, budding young photographers, their friends, families and peers enjoy the visual exploration of the themes for the event: belonging, inclusion and diversity.

Amongst the crowd were members of ECSC’s Executive Team and Programs as well as members of Inner West Council and Youth Off The Streets – who encouraged many of their young people to participate in the event by showcasing there photobooks and images.

Eat Art Food Truck kept the crowds fed with pulled-pork sliders, spicy vegetarian nachos and delicious quinoa and almond salad appetisers and DJ Rainbow created a wonderful youthful atmosphere with his musical stylings.

The event was formally opened with a traditional smoking ceremony performed by local Indigenous elders, everyone took part in the communal ceremony which set the tone for the night, welcoming the diverse crowd to the land and celebrating community.

Then it was back inside where Hannah Morgan, Team Leader of the Linker Practice Coaching team at ECSC, and the brains behind the showcase, thanked the young contributors for their work as well as acknowledging the invaluable support of Inner West Council and Open Inner West Festival organisers in making the event possible through their grant, as well as local community organisations like Youth Off The Streets in promoting the importance of such events.

“Tonight really sparks a new conversation around social inclusion and what it means to create safe spaces that allow young people to also express their opinions,” Morgan said.

“So, have a think about what you’re doing in your own communities to be more inclusive and feel free to share ideas with ECSC. We’re always wanting to reach out and talk with and consult with community around how to create safe spaces,” she added.

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