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Celebrating Diversity Through Filmmaking – Open Marrickville

Image courtesy of Australian Foundation For Disability (AFFORD)

As part of Inner West Council’s Open Marrickville festival, Ethnic Community Services Co-operative presented a first-of-its-kind event: ‘Celebrating Diversity Through Filmmaking’.

An initiative of the Multicultural Disability Services Team at ECSC, the film night showcased short animated films by young people with diverse abilities, giving a unique opportunity for these young people to share their stories and perspectives with the broader community.

It was also an opportunity to exhibit the vast cultural landscape of the world and how we as a people can come together to celebrate each other’s differences.

The free event was a great success and allowed members of the community to come together to celebrate the filmmakers’ diversity, talents and creativity.

Special thanks have to be given to: Marrickville Council (now Inner West Council), Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD), DLux MediaArts, St Vincent de Paul Society – Ability Links, whose support made this worthwhile event possible.

You can watch the animated film entitled ‘Around the World’, below:

Here are some photos from the Open Marrickville event that took place at Marrickville Town Hall:

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